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We have years of experience and trained on modern technology to provide best in class patient care.

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Dentistree is a Complete Dental Care that provides best dentistry Dental & skin Treatment in Ramprastha, Ghaziabad.

Endodontist & Root Canal Specialist
DR. ANJALI S SHEKHARB.D.S. (Gold Medalist) , F.M.C. (Germany)
Dental & Cosmetic Surgeon


Our clinic is dedicated to create a positive experience by providing the finest and most comprehensive preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care in a personalised and comfortable environment.Our clinic has air conditioned waiting and treatment areas. Our Front Office Managers are trained to take care of all the needs of a patient.

We take great care in making sure you do not have to wait for a long time for your turn as is common in any traditional dental setup. Once you have visited us your dental records will be safe in our IT system for future reference so you do not have to remember to carry your files every time.

We focus on regular follow-ups and lay special emphasis on building close relationship with our patients. We give great importance to prevention so that we can help our customers maintain optimal dental health throughout their lifetime.

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The heightened emphasis on hygiene in our clinic ensures the well-being of our patients at all times. The reason is very simple. Dental treatment necessarily requires contact with the saliva and blood of patients and communicable diseases and illnesses are easily transferred through saliva and blood. We take every possible step to prevent cross contamination and protect the health of our patients.

We follow a strict protocol for clinical hygiene and safety that kicks in before patients even enter the operatory.

Instruments are sterilized in a four-step process that includes:

  • Patients are asked to cover their footwear with our shoe covers before entering the operatory.

  • Manual cleansing to remove deposits and residue.

  • Sterilization in an ultrasonic cleaner which operates a different frequencies, depending on the type of instrument being sterilized.

  • A solution (5% dodecyl-dipropylene-triamine&trialkylethoxy-ammonium-proclinate) is used in this step. Packaging in sealed pouches after instruments are dried.

  • Packaging in sealed pouches after instruments are dried.

  • Placement of sealed pouches in an autoclave that uses pressurized heat to guarantee 100% sterilization.

  • All surfaces that patients come into contact with are covered with cling film and changed after each treatment.

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Dr shashank is one of the best root canal specialist i would say..no pain at all with advance equipment and time saving

Akanksha Verma

Great set up ! Perfect treatment to ur problems and yes of course the doctor is humble and very good at his job !!

Tanya Agarwal

The clinic is the best i have visited till date.I would recommend everyone to visit the place.You will not be disappointed.

Indira Kharel